Resident Information

Welcome to St. John’s Institute!

We’re happy that you have made the decision to live with us!

If you need any help or have questions about your stay at SJI, or your room or suite, please visit the office for assistance during office hours (9am-5pm, Monday – Friday). If you need emergency assistance after office hours: Suzanna (Executive Director) (780) 964-2320.

Meet Your New CommunitySJI residents and staff 2015

St. John’s Institute is the cornerstone of an amazing living experience. We are a non-profit co-educational affordable residence that offers comfortable living facilities in a Ukrainian Orthodox environment.


We like to consider ourselves “your home away from home,” and we do everything we can to make it so! SJI offers an affordable housing option in a desirable location, for short- and long-term accommodation. We have a wide variety of residents here, from undergraduate students to international PhD students, artists, professionals, medical researchers, and international athletes, making it an exciting and dynamic community!

 St. John’s Institute we foster well-being in our community through programs, services and outreach, in the spirit of Ukrainian Orthodoxy.


At SJI, food is the hallmark of our facility! It’s also a huge reason that people return to stay with us, year after year! Creativity, variety, and mouth-watering goodness rule our kitchen – and our culinary team is ready to serve you! Our talented chefs know food from the ground up, and each specializes in different types of cuisine. Fresh-baked breads and pastries, homemade soups, hand-made Ukrainian delicacies, and authentic international flavours abound, tantalizing your taste buds and stirring your senses.

Arts and Culture

SJI is a huge supporter and promoter of Edmonton’s arts and culture scene. We are also a site for some of Edmonton’s best arts and culture events, offering event/meeting space rentals at very reasonable prices and providing sponsorship and support for a number of local and national organizations.

Residents’ Association

When you move in, you automatically become a member of the SJI Residents’ Association, the governing body for student and resident affairs. This organization plans and organizes activities for the residents, and occasionally for the public, creating a sense of community and harmony between the residents of SJI and the larger community, promoting a desirable academic atmosphere at SJ, and fostering leadership development among residents.

All long-term residents (min. 4-month stay) are welcome to run for executive positions, consisting of the following roles: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, social event coordinator (up to 3 members), cultural event coordinator, and members-at-large (up to 5 members). The executive is elected in September of the academic year, and the term runs until the next annual election, unless dissolved earlier.

Residents’ Association activities are funded by a portion of the monthly Facility and Resident Life fee.

Social Media

To stay up to date with RA activities, “like” the SJI Residents’ Association page on Facebook:, and watch for posters. While you’re at it, please “like” St. John’s Institute on Facebook and follow us on Twitter – @SJIEdmonton.

We are proud of our residents!

We hope you will become an active member of our community, whether attending events, gatherings and meetings, volunteering for any SJI events, leading projects and considering how your actions can positively impact everyone at SJI. It’s the residents who bring SJI to life, and we are proud to have you staying with us and bringing your unique experiences and talents with you!

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