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Danielle Smith’s speech for CEMA

At the 4th Canadian Ethnic Media Association’s Edmonton Editorial Meeting speakers 2 Rseries, Leader of the Official Opposition, Danielle Smith spoke to a group of reporters and representatives of ethno-cultural media outlets from Edmonton.  Media had the opportunity to ask questions about the Wild Rose party’s commitment to the principles of multiculturalism, and the candidates who may be vying for positions across Alberta during the coming election.

Smith rose to the occasion, taking on some of the stereotypes that have beleaguered her party since its dramatic rise and subsequent loss to Allison Redford’s PCs in the last provincial election.  Speaking to a group of representatives from ethnic media in Edmonton, assembled by the Canadian Ethnic Media Association, Smith noted that “More
3 R and more Canadians are choosing to get their news in the language of their choice, and from familiar faces.  As Canada becomes ever more diverse, our media will become more diverse and that is a good thing.  The increased importance of ethnic media will also put demands on the media outlets themselves. I will watch with interest as ethnic media outlets become larger, more professional, and more influential. … I predict that over the next few years ethnic media outlets will make major news and exert ever more influence over Canadian and Alberta politics.”

Smith indicated that she feels Alberta is ready for a change and that changes in leadership will not make a difference.  Questions No government can stay in power for that many years and be an effective government.

14 RSt. John’s Institute was pleased to supply the venue and hospitality for the monthly speakers’ series established by CEMA, and supported by 101.7 World FM, Rogers

Communications, OMNI Television.  We appreciate being entrusted with hosting the calibre of speakers attracted by CEMA, and to introducing such distinguished guests to new audiences.

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